What's the big deal about "healing"?
What does "healing" even mean?
And whyyyyyy is it so hard?! 

We assume that we WANT to heal, to remove our blocks and step into our best life, healed and whole. But in the reality of healing, and surprisingly enough, that's not always the case. This webinar is an exploration into the paradox of healing, the idea that although healing is desirable and achievable, and a current buzzword, it's actually not always what we want, or need, at the time. In this webinar we'll examine this phenomenon as well as some of the challenges you may experience on your healing journey in hopes that upon encountering them you will be prepared to move past them, and truly move forward in your healing process!

  • Learn what The Healing Paradox is all about.

  • Learn the potential challenges to the healing process 

  • Learn tools and practices you can implement to not only move through these challenges but to allow them to help you grow

  • Experience a guided Chakra Healing Meditation, and more!