Welcome to The Expansion Challenge!

There's nothing more empowering than coming to the realization that you can have, do and be anything you want!

The problem for most people is they don't believe it is possible for them. 

The old adage "seek and ye shall find" remains as true as ever. If you look for proof that achieving big goals, big dreams and living a life of alignment and purpose is possible… you will find it.

And if you look for proof that life is difficult and meaningless, or that big goals are impossible to achieve, and happiness is reserved only for a select few… well you are certain to find that as well.

Over the course of the next 5 days, you are going to realize that not only is all of this possible for you, it is inevitable. An exciting future awaits you, but you have to name it and claim it. Your journey begins now!

What To Expect..

Day 1

Getting Clear What do you want? Do you want to get married and have children, or maybe kids aren’t for you and you’re happy to find the love of your life and live? Do you want to be an entrepreneur or do you want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? We need to be clear about what it is we want so that we can actively, consciously and INTENTIONALLY move toward it.

Meditation: Chakra Threading/Grounding This meditation is about remembering that we are connected to the Earth, that we are part of Nature. Practicing Reiki means working with the Chakras, and in this meditation you will be guided through a process of aligning your chakras so that you’ll feel more balanced as you move into motion.

Day 2

Getting Clear(er) Now that you’ve identified some of what you want, we’re going to play a little game with the UnIverse and your unconscious mind called, “NO LIMITS”. We’ll be playing with your perceptions of your limits and with what’s possible.

Meditation: Expansion A visualization mediation to remind you of who you are and what your possibilities are.

Day 3

Momentum: An Object in Motion What happens when you add momentum to habit creation? You get today’s exercise! Expansion means growth and evolution, which at its core means change. The foundation of change is the creation of new habits that serve your desires for new you. Today, we practice a quick way to develop a new habit so that as you step into your expansion you’re not working against your SELF!

Day 4

Discovering Your Power Which way to go? Now you know what you want, you’ve envisioned it without limits, and you’re ready to create and implement new habits to ensure your desired changes will stick. NOW, we figure out which way for you to go with all this clarity.

Download: Mandala Coloring Sheets These free coloring sheets will help your mind to focus on other things while it also works out the best ways to go about enacting your desired changes.

Day 5

Finding Guiding Lights Who inspires you? What about them draws you to them? On this last day, we take time to find examples of those we wish to model, and then decide, based on what we know of them, which aspects of them we wish to model and build upon.

Day 1: Getting Clear


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DAY 2: Getting Clear(er)

Time to Get Clear(er) about what you want!

This day is fun because this is all about dreaming big, and re-imagining our lives and what we want for it. We want to make sure that we’re not putting ANY limits on what we can believe we be or do or have, k?

Download Day 2 Worksheet HERE or click the link below!