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RECLAMATION: The Power in Your Chakras

Do you have questions about your chakras? Have you heard of them but you’re not sure what they do or how they work? Did you know you have more than seven chakras (a lot actually)? Did you know you have chakras at your back as well as front? 

On June 2nd, almost the halfway point of 2018, we gather to discuss these questions, any others you may have, and much more. In this foundational workshop you will learn what your chakras are, how they work, how to work with them to enhance your healing, and a wealth of empowering information! If you’ve attended any of my previous chakra workshops then you know the extent of the information I’m known for sharing. Well, this class surpasses that! We’re going to unpack the physical/mental/emotional effects of balanced and unbalanced chakras, and of course, the metaphysical connections between you, your health and vitality, and your chakras. We will also have a brief presentation about using crystals and essential oils with your chakra healing practices + cupcakes, wine, and goodies for you to take home!

To ensure that each guest receives one-on-one attention and a deeper understanding of the chakras, there are ONLY 10 spaces available for this class and space is going fast, so head over to the website and grab your space today!

*NOTE: Address will be provided 24hrs prior to the event start time. This event is for women only.