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LifeBEam Energetics and The healSELF™ Workshops Present: "Getting On Point: Acupuncture and The Benefits"

Are you new to healing? Have you ever had an acupuncture session, or wondered what happens during a session? Now's your opportunity to find out! 

Join us on March 20th for our next workshop! We haveT. Cleo. Austin to answer your acupuncture questions:

What can you expect from an acupuncture session?
What are Meridian Points?
Do the needles hurt?
Can you choose your needle size?
What is some of the history of acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)?
Does it reeeeeally work?
and much more valuable info!

So grab a ticket HERE: and bring yourSELF, bring a friend, and bring your questions to learn more about this ancient healing technique. See you then!