How to Make Sure You’re Getting Back the Good(s)

What does that even mean?? I’m talking about the Spiritual Law of Reciprocity (read more here), which boils down to you reap what you sow or you get back what you put out.

This harvest could be yours! Not really, but it illustrates the analogy about a bountiful harvest..and it’s really pretty!

This harvest could be yours! Not really, but it illustrates the analogy about a bountiful harvest..and it’s really pretty!


We usually hear about this in the context of kindness and how we treat others, whether in our daily lives, our family or colleagues, or philanthropy such as volunteering or donating to causes. But, in my opinion, it’s deeper than that. Every moment of everyday we’re given a choice about what we are putting out into the UnIverse, right? Like, if you’re donating to a cancer research foundation every quarter while you’re also running a puppy mill in your backyard, well..that may conflict with the “good” you feel should be coming back to you.

Instead, I suggest that even though our “best” ebbs and flows from day to day, we need to still do the best we can, with what we have, at all times, whether or not anyone is looking. Because it’s ultimately not about them, or anyone else. It’s about you and the good you’ll receive, and feel, when you know you’ve done your best and given all you’ve got because then there’s no questions, no what ifs.

Take a look at the following steps and see how many you can incorporate into your life, above and beyond what you may already be doing, to enhance your relationship with the Spiritual Law of Reciprocity:

Always give more than what is asked of you - when someone asks you for help with a task or chore, why not go that one step further? For example, if a neighbor needs help moving old furniture out of the house, offer to help them clean up after and/or move the new furniture in, too. If you are working with a client, over deliver! Adding something extra not only adds value to the project without being asked, but will also help you to stand out to the client, and they will hopefully remember your efforts. Either way, you will reap the vibrational benefit of the energetic exchange.

Be passionate about what you do for an occupation – ok, this is the hardest to do, if I’m being honest, because the electric company doesn’t want to hear that you’re late this month because you weren’t passionate about your job and so you quit. However, even though it is much easier to do an awesome job if you have a job you’re passionate about, you can bring a sense of passion, and purpose, to what it is you do every day. Try this: the next time you are asked to deliver a project, be present with it and put all your efforts into it. Not for your boss, for yourSELF! The beauty of this is that you’ll sleep really well knowing you delivered your best work, no matter how the work is received.

Believe that what you do will make a difference – we’ve all been guilty of this one! Have you ever stopped yourself from helping someone else because you didn't think it would make a difference? The sooner you can see that we live on a holistic plane where all things are connected, the sooner you will hopefully begin to see how powerful you are. Please know, and believe, that ALL of your actions, even small ones, can really make a difference. You are a powerful being that can change someone’s day with a smile or a frown, and then that person takes that teeny bit of energy you’ve given them and potentially passes it along to the next person as a smile or a frown. We are all connected and incredibly powerful, and with great power comes great response-ability (learn all about that HERE). That weight of response-ability can cause us to hold back from giving and being our best, BECAUSE of what could happen when we lean into our power;, that we could make all of our dreams actually come true, and then what? It’s an interesting paradox. But just understand this for now, what you do matters, and it makes a difference.

Challenge yourSELF at all times – When presented with a hurdle to be cleared, do you take the easy way out and try to run around, or do you take up the challenge and soar clear over it?

I added this because it’s a Corgie jumping his hurdle. And, if he can do it, you can to!

I added this because it’s a Corgie jumping his hurdle. And, if he can do it, you can to!


It’s fascinating to think that cutting corners or taking the easy way out of something would equate to lack of positive reciprocity, but it does. We are presented with experiences in our lives that teach us the lessons we came here to learn. When we dodge those experiences, we are missing the lesson, missing out on what we are supposed to gain, whether that’s confidence from overcoming the experience or completing a chapter or our lives. Our experiences are necessary to our growth and healing, if we allow them to be. So, don’t take the easy way out, if only for the fact that you CAN meet the challenge.

Expect the best of everyone – I love this one because it serves us two-fold: 1) as soon as you start expecting the best from others, you begin to see the best in others because as you begin to focus and look for the positive, you start to actually NOTICE the positive. We’re hearing a lot lately about our “negativity bias”, which nature blessed us with in the name of survival, and which also means that we will usually notice the negative first, unless we’re conscious about our attention. 2) Jim Rohn is famously quoted as saying that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time around. And so, following this logic, when we expect the best of everyone and begin to see the best in everyone, we become more discerning about who we’re around because we can recognize the good in people and really “see” the people we’re around. So, look for the good in people, and you may find some good people.  

Always follow through with things and follow up – there are two old sayings: “your word is your bond” and “actions speak louder than words”. When you keep your word through your actions, you’re enabling someone to trust you. This in turn leads to a sense of safety and security in them, thereby raising their vibration. This sense of being trusted also raises your vibration, because it feels good to be trusted, to know that someone believes in you and depends on you. Sending out the good energy you wish to receive means honoring your word and how you use it with others. When you commit to something that involves someone else, a job or relationship, honor that commitment by keeping your word AND following through with your actions.

Focus on one task or goal at a time – this one is tricky because how do we not focus on multiple things in today’s society? However, multitasking is not truly efficient, doesn’t provide us with the productivity we think it does, and kind of just makes us feel “busy” or like we’re accomplishing something, when in fact we’re just spinning our wheels. It’s actually better to focus on ONE task at a time, OR on multiple tasks in one day related to ONE goal. Then when you have completed that task, or reached that goal, you will feel so good!


It will boost your confidence and increase your momentum, raising your vibration instead of leaving you with questions about why you’re not further along towards where you want to be.

I hope some of these suggestions help you to realign the energy you’re putting out there so you can begin to receive the energy you seek, or get back your good(s). If you’d like to learn more ways to feel better, more at peace and in alignment with yourSELF and your purpose, schedule a Connect with Your Calling session HERE, and let’s get you reconnected!