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I have a secret superpower. Want to know what it is? Ok, I’ll tell you in a minute but first let me tell you what it allows me to do.

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What is LifeBEam Energetics?

Our mission at LifeBEam Energetics is to provide clients with premier services and assistance in attaining their health and wellness goals. Employing a holistic approach to overall well being, LifeBEam Energetics seeks to ensure that clients feel supported throughout their journey with us. Working within the mind, body, Spirit connection, we help our clients to find balance and calm through techniques designed to enhance their connection to SELF, and thus their Divine essence.

Utilizing the best combinations of Reiki, Meditation, Transformational Life Purpose Coaching, our healSELF™ Workshops, and more, it is our mission to empower those seeking balance with the tools to realign their life and purpose.

See what a few of our past clients are saying about Bless Roxwell, LifeBEam Energetics and our services:

Wonderful Introduction to the healing benefits of Reiki! I received the most amazing reiki session ever. I was skeptical at first but I am a true believer now. It was so peaceful, organized and effective. Afterwards I felt relief, a deeper awareness of myself, a weight was lifted and I was much more centered overall. Definitely going to make this part of my regimen with the mastery of LifeBEam Energetics.
— Tara C., Reiki Client
Bless was absolutely great from the time we began our Breakthrough Coaching Sessions by developing a plan to the closing session where she provided resources so I could continue the strides I started. She always made sure to follow up on our goals with urgency and the process...the journey felt much more collaborative. I am already recommending some friends and colleagues to her and will be working with her again because with Bless, it was more so like getting consistent support from a friend than a life coach.
— Yannick F., Coaching Client
Totally Recommend Reiki Sessions w/ Bless! Great experience! She explained everything that was going on as it was happening and I could feel the energy difference as she performed the reiki session. Definitely booking again!!
— Cassandra L., Reiki Client
I was first introduced to LifeBEam Energetics, and the founder Bless, through the Sisterhood Summit (in Brooklyn) where she presented her workshop on The Healing Paradox™. I found the workshop interesting and wanted to learn more so when she launched The healSELF™ Workshop Series I eagerly attended. I learned, among many things, the benefits of examining the “why” behind choices, and how healing can be a window into the self. I left with greater self awareness and a sense of empowerment.

(Meanwhile,)...if you’re looking to uncover some of what’s keeping you stuck and gain practical tools for getting unstuck a coaching call with Bless from LifeBEam is the place to start.

(And finally,) ...a guided meditation with Bless is a must try, it’s one of my favorite ways to get to a still, quiet, and peaceful place within.
— Joann J., Guided Meditation Client and healSELF™ Workshop Attendee